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Black Locust — Nature's Answer to Pressure Treated

-Robinia pseudoacacia-

A Black Locust playground ...

Other uses.

A playground or pavilion to celebrate.

A bridge to cross...

A garden gate to weather the seasons.

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Interesting detail.

Freshly milled Locust trim around door and windows. Note how yellowthe Locust is.

Trim around door, weathered grey from precipitation, honey color from air exposure.

Pavilion framework in the making. By BlueSky. Pavilion framework complete. By BlueSky.
Davis Fischr, Natural Roots, 150' Suspension Bridge made with Black Locust.
Alternate view of the Suspension Bridge.
On-ramp to the Suspension Bridge.
Raised Garden Bed.

A RoofTop Garden.

Applachian Trail, Berkshire County.

A formal Raised bed.

Stepping Stones.

Stepping Stones.

Garden Stakes

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